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Flora and Fauna

Shivapuri Nagarjun national park is located in sub-tropical and lower temperate zone of Nepal. Park has recorded 1250 species of vascular plants and 129 species of mushrooms. Schima-Castanopsis, Pine, and Oak-Rhododendron are the dominant vegetation in this park. SNNP has four major forest types viz.

(i) Lower mixed hardwood forests,

(ii) Chirpine forests,

(iii) Oak forests and

(iv) Upper mixed hardwood forests. The common vegetation include Schimawallichii, Castanopsisindica, Alnusnepalensis, Pinusroxburghii, Myricaesculanta, Pyruspasia, Quercussemecarpifolia, Quercus lanuginose, Rhododendron arboretum, Juglansregia, Taxuswallichianaetc.

Clouded leopard Pardofelisnebulosa, pangolin Manissp., Assamese monkey Macacaassamensis, leopard cat Prionailurusbengalensisare the protected mammals found in SNNP. Common mammals include common leopard Pantherapardus, Himalayan black bear Ursusthibetanus, Himalayan goral Naemorhedus goral, jungle cat Felischaus, Himalayan serrowCapricornisthar, wild boar Susscrofa, barking deer Muntiacusmuntjack, sambar deer Cervusunicolor, rhesus monkey Macacamulata, civets, porcupine, yellow throated marten. 

The park has 311 species of birds including 117 migratory birds. Common species of bird species are white backed vulture, Himalayan griffon, black vulture, beard vulture (Nepali &Suwal, 2007), dark kite, hen harrier, goshawk, sparrow hawk, sikhra, common buzzard, Asian black eagle, steppe eagle (BPP, 1995), magpies, kalij pheasant, leafbirds, flycatcher, bushchat, babblers, cuckoos, bulbul, swift, warblers. Importantly, the spiny bablerTurdoidesnipalensis, wren bablerPnoepygapusilla are the endemic birds found in Shivapuri Nagarjun national park.

King cobra, green pit viper, rat snake, skink, lizards, geckos are common reptiles found in SNNP. Frogs and toads are common amphibians. The park has 102 species of moths and butterflies.


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