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Visitor Info

The park is a lonely park to represent mid-hill ecosystem of Nepal. It is famous for globally threatened wildlife, birds, and butterflies. It has subtropical to lower temperate forests and associated vegetation. The people around the park follow Hindu and Buddhist culture. Visitor can enjoy Aryan and Mongolian culture. SNNP has important pilgrimage destinations including NagiGumba, Bagdwar, Bishnudwar, Jamacho as well as ManichurMahadev, Kageshwori, Sundarimai, Baudeshwor, Tarkeshow, PachaliBhairav and smaller destinations. Tourists are extensively using this park for hiking, camping, picnic as well as enjoying adventure tourism activities like rock climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and some sports events. It is good site for forestry, park management, ecology, sociology and cultural studies. Common routes famous for trekking are:

  • Nagarkot-Jhule-Chisapani
  • Sundarijal-Manichur-Jhule-Chisapani
  • Sundarijal-Mulkharka-Chisapani
  • Panimuhan-Nagigumba-Baghdwar-Shivapuri Peak
  • Panimuhan-Bagdwar-Shivapuri Peak
  • Panimuhan-ChhapBhanjyang-Shivapuri Peak
  • Panimuhan-ChhapBhanjyang-Sikre
  • Panimuhan-Baghdwar-Rholche-Chisapani
  • Tokha-GurjeBhanjyang-GurungGaun
  • Jagat-GurjeBhanjyang-GurungGaun
  • Kakani-Gurje-ChhapBhanjyang-Shivapuri Peak
  • Fulbari Gate-Jamacho