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Visitiors Obligation

  • Entering into the park shall be one's own responsibility. Park do not compensate for deaths, injuries, losses and/or damages to visitor and their belongings.
  • Do not travel lonely.
  • Each tourist must pay respective entry fees to get permission to enter into the park and to conduct adventure activities.
  • Do not purchase wild animal, plants and their products.
  • Rubbish must be packed, buried or disposed of in the designated areas.
  • All faunas and floras are completely protected; so must not carry or distribute.
  • Vehicles need not blow horn inside the park. Picnic spots are free of loud speakers.
  • Firing inside the park is prohibited thus campers and picnic group must burn alternative energy sources.
  • Respect local culture and do not pollute holly sites.
  • Travelling is allowed only from sunrise to sunset.

Following activities are completely prohibited:

  • Chase, tease, or disturb wild animals.
  • Construction of houses, huts, shelter or any other structures inside the park.
  • Occupy, clear, reclaim, or cultivate inside the park.
  • Graze and drink domestic animals, birds and pet animals.
  • Digging mines, stones, boulders and remove other materials.
  • Carry arms, ammunitions, poisons and use of such things.
  • Take domestic and pet animals.
  • Block, divert, or disturb water channels and ponds.
  • Destroy, dismantle, disfigure, remove or otherwise obstruct the park boundaries, structures, trekking routes, sign boards